Linden High School’s Mission, Vision, and Values
Our Mission
Linden High School's mission is for the LHS administration, faculty, and staff to effectively exhibit high expectations for students and to enhance these high expectations by employing a variety of effective teaching practices that will provide students with the proper skills to gain knowledge, make wise decisions, and become productive citizens in today's society.
Our Vision
We envision Linden High School as an institution of learning where the students and faculty are given the opportunity to be successful in all personal, professional, and career goals.
Our Values
  • We value the unique qualities of every learner and educator at Linden High School.
  • We value the personal responsibility that each learner and educator at Linden High School must maintain to be held accountable for his or her own actions.
  • We value the collective educational strength of our students, our parents, our faculty, our staff, and our community.
  • We value the learning process as the essential component necessary to guide us in setting and reaching our goals as learners and educators.
The LHS Community Advisory Committee, which is comprised of faculty members, students, parents, and community stakeholders, annually evaluates our mission, vision, and values statements to ensure that they accurately reflect our purpose.